The ARMOR project addresses the needs of the epileptic patient and healthcare professional, aiming at the design and development of a framework for the monitoring and analysis of epilepsy-relevant multi-parametric data, in the context of Personal Health Systems (PHS).

ARMOR provides flexible monitoring optimized for each patient and is tested in several case studies and evaluated as a wide use ambulatory monitoring tool for seizures efficient diagnosis and management including possibilities for detecting premonitory signs and feedback to the patient.

In particular, ARMOR's main objectives can be viewed from three main perspactives:

  • Clinical
    • Facilitate and increase the yield of diagnostic, treatment and follow-up practices in epilepsy
    • Support health care professionals in their decision making and provide accurate signaling of risks
    • Reduce epilepsy related management costs
    • Advance the technology of PHS suitable for chronic diseases of multifactorial causes and unpredictable expression of their symptoms
  • Medical / Theoretical
    • Increase our understanding of the epileptic seizure and eventually of epilepsy
    • Increase our understanding of the other non-epileptic paroxysmal events (NEPE) and their underlying mechanisms that is currently poor
    • Understand possible relationships between epilepsies and the various types of NEPE
  • ICT
    • Design and develop adequate measuring/monitoring methodologies and systems facilitating the respective medical objectives.
    • Develop multi-parametric data processing, management and analysis tools, both real time and off-line, to better understand epilepsy
    • Adopt and adapt prominent coordination/communication platforms providing robust and flexible end-to-end communication and assure security and privacy on sensitive medical data