Contacts/collaborations with other projects:

An invitation was sent by TWG and S&C to Prof. AchilleasKameas, from Hellinic Open University and coordinator of the Greek funded project ADVENT, dealing with elder monitoring in home environment, to visit the ARMOR stand in Vilnius during the ICT 2013 event.

Clustering workshop on brain and eHealth: UoP and ICOM participated to the event on 5th November 2013 in Brussels. Several research projects focused on eHealth and brain diseases attended the event. The ePractice publication prepared by S&C is linked to such event.

Contacts with the sister projects (Michelangelo, CareToy, CogWatch, and Interaction) were taken during the Michelangelo Concertation meeting on 25th September 2013 in Brussels. ARMOR project was the only team involved in epilepsy, but there was a lot of overlaps in other parts, especially regarding the organization of a common end-of-project conference (must be in earlier than September 2014).

Inter-project collaborations with other e-Health FP7-ICT projects: ICOM attended the plenary meeting of the Artemis-CHIRON project, 28/2/13-1/3/13, Rome (Italy) and the plenary meeting of the FP7-StrokeBack project, 28-30th August 2013, Budapest

EPILEPSIAE project: KCL contacted the coordinator, AntónioDourado, at Universidade de Coimbra, Portugalearly 2012 who offered some deal for acquiring the EPILEPSIAE database. KCL met the leader of EPILEPSIAE on the medical side, Prof Andreas Schulze-Bonhage from Freiburg, Germany, too. VasilisMegalooikonomou (UoP) also approached EPILEPSIAE as the ARMOR Scientific Project Coordinator.

Contacts with CogWatch project: CogWatch team (Alan Wing, Project Coordinator, Christos Giachritsis, Winnie Chua and Matteo Pastorino) contacted S&C and discussed via skype about a possible collaboration, in particular focused on medical data security storage and transmission Prof. Nikolaos Voros from TWG, responsible for the ARMOR encryption module, gave his availability to discuss with CogWatch technical team about ARMOR approach to medical data security. Further collaborations are foreseen in the next months

Contacts with stakeholders (ARMOR exploitation):

During the "Getting ready for Horizon 2020" event on 21st October in Tarragona, S&Chad the opportunity to present ARMOR project to the representatives of the UniversitatRovira I Virgili, working also in the area of eHealth, available to provide contacts with the Hospital of Tarragona.

During the meeting with TIC Salut on 10th September 2013 in Mataró, a Catalan organization able to transfer into the market (hospitals, medical organizations, clinical experts and other stakeholders) the results coming from research projects, S&C discussed about other potential Demonstrative, Implementation and/or Validation projects.Possible collaborations between S&C and TIC Salut can include joint participation in further EU funded projects including "ARMOR2" proposal, CIP projects for ARMOR results and other related technological solutions, other Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) initiatives like the DECIPHER project.

S&C in collaboration with TWG and AAISCS submitted a proposal called EUCOLLED and coordinated by Prof Andreas Schulze-Bonhage from Freiburg, Germany and Francis I.Y. Tan, MD Head of longstayKempenhaeghe (Director Hobo Heeze BV) in The Netherlands, under the COST funding scheme. The proposal didn't pass the second step and it had to take profit of the knowledge generated in the ICT part (data management, M2M) developed in ARMOR project.

AAISCS was in a direct and continuous contact with all major clinicians that work on epilepsy in the three main centres in Nicosia (Nicosia General Hospital, including the ICU; The Cyprus Institute of Nuerology and Genetics; and the Neurology Department of the American Heart Institute).

AAISCS effort was to establish contacts with stakeholders from the big markets like Russia, China and Japan. AAISCS contacts include the National Rehabilitation Center for Persons with Disabilities in Japan, BereichfürEpilepsie at Universitätsklinikum Erlangen in Germany, and Cranfield University in UK.

Contacts with the Copenhagen University and Center of Functionally Integrative Neuroscience (CFIN) in Aarhus, were also taken to discuss collaborative projects, including ARMOR-related research.

During the visit (5-6 March 2013) to Paphos,AAISCS discussed with local Chamber of Commerce and Research Directors of the newly established University of Neapolis about ARMOR specific initiatives: exploration of collaboration possibilities with the University of Neapolis and possibility of presentation of the ARMOR project to the local medical community later in the second half of the year.

KIT visited several partners with the aim to promote ARMOR and discuss about submission of future project proposals: University of Ulm, eMotion Lab, Ulm, (Germany), 14/05/2013; Dräger Medical GmbH, Lübeck (Germany), 06/11/2013; Bosch Healthcare, Karlsruhe (Germany), 15/05/2013; Vitaphone, Mannheim (Germany), 28/01/2013; hhp AG, Karlsruhe (Germany), 11/01/2013